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Commercial Insurance in Oklahoma

Due to its numerous benefits, commercial insurance is a vital part of longevity for businesses within Tulsa, OK. Commercial insurance will be your go-to if you need a plan to help keep your employees and assets secure, making it essential for Oklahoma businesses. Below, Alan Farley Insurance LLC breaks down important policies to consider.

Property Insurance

Property insurance takes care of your buildings and the contents of your business property. If perils such as fire, vandalism, and hail occur, it will compensate you for the repair and replacement costs. If you also suffer setbacks such as loss of income, it will reimburse you for the downtime until you can get your business running.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

This coverage is sometimes called liability insurance and will be essential when sued for errors and omissions. It protects businesses dealing with professional services, examples being law firms, financial firms, real estate agents, and medical professionals. It will help cover the legal fees and damages arising from court settlements.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Businesses with more than one employee are mandated to have worker's compensation insurance, allowing you to pay for injuries arising during business hours. This policy will also be ideal if you are sued for pain and suffering, helping you pay legal fees and damages awarded in court hearings.

General Liability

General liability covers claims related to customer injuries due to negligence at the workplace. It helps you pay hospital bills arising from bodily harm and legal fees when sued. If you encounter advertising injury liability, it will compensate you for costs linked to libel and copyright infringement.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance takes care of damage arising from auto accidents. If vehicles used for work activities are damaged, this policy kicks in to pay for the costs of fixing your cars. It also caters to replacement costs when the damage is significant.

Contact Alan Farley Insurance LLC today if you need more information about commercial insurance within Oklahoma. Our agents will take you through policies designed for businesses within Tulsa, OK.

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