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Condo Insurance in Oklahoma

While condo insurance may seem like an extra cost to your Oklahoma residence, it will be vital to keeping your space safe. Your guests also get enough coverage when damage arises when visiting your condo, allowing you to keep your costs to a minimum. Below, Alan Farley Insurance LLC lists some policies ideal for Tulsa, OK, condo owners.

Building Property Coverage

This policy protects the interior of your condo when hazards such as fire, lighting mishaps, and vandalism occur. It helps pay for the repair costs when the structure of your condo is destroyed. Areas covered include the walls, floors, permanent fixtures, and tiling. Depending on the damage, you will receive repair or replacement reimbursements to ensure items are restored to their initial state.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance will help provide the necessary reimbursement when you or your family is sued for bodily injury, harm, or property damage. Property damage liability caters to the repair costs if visitors' property is damaged. If 3rd parties are also injured during a stay in your condo, this policy helps pay the medical bills.

Content Coverage

Content coverage takes care of damage to your belongings when disasters such as fire, theft, and vandalism occur. It will pay for items such as furniture, clothing, and electronics, with the compensation catering to the repair and replacement of these belongings. Items not permanently attached to the unit are also protected, keeping your expenses to a minimum.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

This policy will be vital in paying additional living expenses when your condo suffers significant damage due to covered perils. This may be during fire outbreaks or hail events that render it uninhabitable. When this happens, it will come in handy for transport fees, hotel costs, and meal expenses.

If you have a condo within Oklahoma, now is the time to get started on your condo insurance. Alan Farley Insurance LLC condo can help guide you on the coverage options for Tulsa, OK, residents, so call us today.

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